My new Workspace not Office

I apologize for the poor quality of the picture. I took this with my phone. I will take my camera to work this next week and get a better one. But at least this gives you a rough idea of my new desk. I love it!!! What's cool is there is a light under that self on the right. I have yet to turn it on... but it's still cool! I don't know if you can tell but the computer tower is under the desk and I have been using it as foot rest. It's kind of nice to put your feet up for awhile.
All I have is my calender on the wall next to the monitor. But there is soon to be more stuff. In talking with Rachel, I have taken on a new project for the weekend. I'm going to hunt the internet for a picture of some random guy, let me rephrase. A picture of some random decent looking guy and photoshop myself in the picture with him, or maybe not, not sure yet. But I'm going to frame the picture and let people think that I have a boyfriend. I also liked the idea of a little plant. Anyone else got any ideas of stuff I should put on or around my new penthouse desk? Leave a comment and let me know.