My Goal for 2008/2009

The other night I felt the strong need to have personal space, a place to call mine and mine alone. So after talking to Rachel, I have decided to safe up and purchase a small house. I talked to my Dad about the finer points and I think it is doable by the end of the year or at the latest sometime next year especially since the market is a buyers market. So with that said, I have started to watch more closely what and how I spend my money. And I'm saving like there is no tomorrow. I was looking at homes on the internet and of boy did that get me really excited about the idea.

And.... done.

Greatest of 2007
GREATEST MEMORY - Nerdfest 2007
GREATEST HEARTACHE - Losing an Aunt and Uncle
GREATEST EPIPHANY - Learning a new shortcut! I love shortcuts!!!
GREATEST YOUTUBE VID - I don't really watch youTube, but I saw this one on my sister's blog and thought it was hilarious.
GREATEST MOVIE - I had to look up what movies came out this past year. This past year really wasn't all that great for movies in my opinion. I wouldn't say it was my favorite but I enjoyed it and could watch it over and over; I would pick Stardust. I bet most of you haven't even heard of that one. If you don't like fantasy or stories with magic, don't bother. But if you do, then watch it, it's good.
GREATEST RECORDS - A bunch, hard to narrow it down. So a little of all of these: 30 Seconds to Mars, The Fray, Paramore, Regina Spektor, unkle Bob, Linkin Park, etc.
GREATEST CONCERT - I've been to one in my entire life and that was only so the other person wouldn't be going alone... I don't do concerts.
GREATEST MOMENT OF IMMATURITY - Farting at inappropriate times and places and then having a good laugh afterward.
GREATEST AREA OF GROWTH - My list of books I've read
GREATEST MOMENT - who can pick just one? I can't that's for sure.

Alright, I give in...

I like the song, dang it. I have secretly been trying not to like Lifehouse. I'm slowly losing the battle every time I put one of their songs up here for you all. Oh well, you can't win them all. :)

Rachel, here you go: Lifehouse - Broken


I was planning on announcing this on my blog sooner and now that I'm getting requests to update... I am here to announce my promotion!!! Yea me!!!

So here's the back story for those don't know. I started working for Datacore Marketing about a year ago as a temp and was later hired on full time after the "trial time" was up. So from February to April I was a temp. They hired me as just a data entry person and about a month later they promoted me to what used to be a program specialists now a team lead, which amounts to just under management. I was a program specialist from end of May/start of June up to about a week ago. On Monday I was promoted to supervisor. For the first time I am not an hourly paid employee, I have good benefits, I got a pay raise, they feed me breakfast every other Friday... I will have to say this about Datacore, they recognize hard workers and they reward them for it. That works for me. I have always believed that it is a privilege to work and should be treated as such, and so I work hard and am very loyal. Needless to say, they like me.

I have now been a supervisor for a full week and am loving every minute of it. I will have to admit that I keep thinking about Truman with his "The Buck Stops Here" sign that was on his desk. I've been trying to think along those lines cause normally I'm happy to pass on the responsiblity to someone else so it has and will continue to be interesting to see how well I do in this position. I can already tell that I've started to "blossom" in my outgoingness. So for those that didn't know, now you do. Oh and today they moved me to my new desk. It's still the same size, I'm just on the end of the isle now instead of mingled and lost. My department is moving this year because my company has outgrown our current office so when we do move I'll get a bigger desk and a new chair to go with that new desk. :) I'm excited. Sorry I didn't post this earlier, I've been busy... and tired.

On a different note, I'm almost finished with my scarf. It's about 60 inches now. It was a rough beginning but now, oh boy, watch out. Anyone got any ideas what I should make next?