Here's to you Mrs. Robinson

So I thought it high time I updated this thing seeing as October is almost done. I'm actually looking forward to November, I am getting a five day weekend and I can't tell you how excited I am for it!!

Tonight after a frustrating drive home from work (there was an accident, construction a bicyclist in the middle of the road thinking he could peddle as fast as traffic, someone reading while driving, you name it it all happened to me today. AHHHH!) So back to what I was saying. I took off on a little adventure to the capital. One of my mission companions now lives in Topeka and is six months pregnant. I drove about 150 miles round trip to attend a baby shower. It was fun and I'm really glad we didn't play those stupid games that always seem to be at things like that. It was good to get out, but I'm looking forward to going to bed and getting a little R&R. The world is still turning in my neck of the woods, hope everyone's is doing the same.