Only on Tuesdays

I never knew how hard yoga was! Oh my, am I in for a ride. I only did about 20 minutes cause my stupid shoulder couldn't take anymore. So I'm sitting in my bed watching the rest of the dvd. Boy does she make it look easy. I'm sure as I do this more that my shoulder will be more strecthed out, but it is more entertaining watching than doing. I'll tell you what though, I'm going to be one flexible chica when this is all said and done.

I have finished watching the first disc of Grey's, and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Rachel, why didn't you make me watch this a long time ago? I have become a busy girl just keeping up with all of my shows. Who has time for games anymore? I sure don't. Well I'm going to try and get some sleep. I wish everyone a very merry Tuesday. I have always enjoyed Tuesdays for some reason. Only on Tuesdays I say.

How can I believe when this cloud hangs over me?

I just got back from Thanksgiving break in Boise. I stayed with Rachel's family and loved every minute of it. When I pulled up to my apartment, I just stared at it and thought of how I might get away, but then the cold knocked some sense into me. Guess what, I'm not being social with my roommates either, I am down in my dungen cell and unpacking my crap and am about to start watching Grey's Anatomy. Rachel was kind enough to let me borrow her first two seasons so that I might catch up with the current. Yes, I am addicted. My name is Rachael and I am a newly formed Grey's addict who just wants to sit in her room and sulk while watching Grey's. But first, I'm going to enjoy some roman noodles, oh and cheesecake. Yum

Rachel and I exchanged Christmas gifts and I'm excited for mine! Rachel got me Flags of Our Fathers. I have been meaning to read this one for awhile.

Well, I'm off to have "alone time".

Before I forget, Rachel, will you email me that quote about names? Thanks.

Deck the halls with something

I'm so glad the holidays are coming up. Not that I enjoy them for the spirit, cause I don't. I only really look forward to them because it's vacation time. I get to sleep as long as I want, stay up as long as I want and not feel guilty for doing so. So bring on the turkey, I'll eat as much of it as I can so I can become lethargic and pass out. :) Deck those halls with something so I can sleep with my heated blanket in a cool room with a fresh blanket of snow outside. Now that's what I call a vacation. Oh and a good book.

I decided I would find a website that would allow me to share my pictures with those that I care to share. So... I went hunting and found flickr. To make it easier for those of you that care, I added a link in my link section on the right. Let me know what anyone and everyone thinks.

Part Two

Rachel and I went out with her two aunts to see that movie, A Good Year. Um... don't see it, it's a confusing movie and it wasn't worth the money to see it in the theatre. If you want to see it, rent it. I just didn't get it, none of us did.

This is a picture of Rachel and me at the Pike's Market in Seattle. We were really lucky that day, we wondered all over and when it was time to head back the rain started. I can't tell you how much fun I had! This past weekend was a much needed break from life, school, and everything else. I realized that I need to travel more. I have always enjoyed it, but don't go with the right people and don't go often. I need to find a job with lots of business trips. No, actually, I need to inherit lots of money and just disappear for awhile. Well, whatever happens in my life, I need to get out more and see the world.

Our Sabbatical

At the moment I am sitting in Olympia, Washington enjoying what Rachel termed our sabbatical, and I'm loving every minute of it so far. I left Rexburg on Wednesday the 8th and drove to Boise, then flew out of Boise with Rachel to Seattle. "The Germans" picked us up at the airport. I have to admit the only thing that has disappointed me is that it is a bit cold and I can't wear my shorts. Not that it is cold, cause I don't mind that, it's just that I packed my shorts and can't wear them. But then that's my own stupid fault, for goodness sakes, it's November. I just had a hope that maybe it would be warm. Next time I'll use my head.
I think Seattle and Olympia are very pretty and green, I could really live here. I love Rachel's grandparents. I have enjoyed spending time with them and the rest of her extended family. I can see where she gets many of her traits. Tonight we are going to Russel Crowe's new movie, A Good Year, with her two aunts. I'm excited, I can already tell I'm in for a treat.
Tomorrow we are going to spend time in Seattle and wonder around. I will add pictures later.